Credit providers in the test: test reports on lenders

Taking out or applying for a loan for a wide variety of purposes is common practice today and is not uncommon for most people. Experience has shown that a wide variety of loans can be granted by private lenders and companies in the private sector, by universal banks, house banks or special credit banks, by other service companies in the financial sector, such as insurance companies, or by development banks and foundations.

The structure of the loans and the conditions of the different providers can be just as different as the purposes for the respective loans. Therefore, before applying for a loan, the borrower should carefully check the different offers of the providers and carry out a comparative test. Our credit provider test helps.

We not only illuminate dubious lenders or denounce dubious rip-off practices on our portal, we also recommend editorially tested providers whose offer you can rely on. In addition, we present big names in credit brokerage and tell you about experiences with providers such as Cream Bank, Good Finance, Agree Bank. We also test new types of platforms such as Lendico, and the experiences you have made are then recorded for you in the Lendico test and experience report.

Often you are looking for experiences with loan providers, usually the seriousness should be tested before you take out a loan. Our editorial staff therefore offers you objective experience reports on credit providers such as Capital Lender, Best Bank or Lite Lender. Test results from specialist magazines, user opinions and experiences of credit customers flow directly into the respective credit test.

Loans? Just tested!

Loans? Just tested!

It is not uncommon for a test of the offers to save a lot of money on the processing costs incurred, fees incurred for the loan and ultimately the interest charged. Since lending is also a business for banks and other financial services companies, they often specialize in certain products, such as consumer and installment loans for consumer goods, real estate loans, corporate investment finance, car purchase finance, and more.

This allows providers like Agree Bank to offer loans in their special segment at favorable terms, while they may only be able to offer other financial products at higher processing fees and interest. A precise test and comparison of the various providers also protects the borrower from being too quick and unsuspecting to get at particularly attractive-sounding offers to dubious credit companies. The experience of fellow human beings therefore plays a crucial role, especially in the sensitive credit area, but tests on reputable providers should not be left out.

Experience with and test reports on providers

Experience with and test reports on providers

The number of possible lenders such as banks, savings banks and other financial service providers is almost unmanageable. This makes it very difficult for consumers to make a comprehensive comparison of the providers in question beforehand. There are various ways to get a first overview of the providers to be considered.

Financial journals provide very well-researched overviews of the respective offers at more or less regular intervals. The well-known consumer protection centers offer detailed test reports, some of them with the awarding of quality seals and ratings of the offers, and comprehensive further information. Our editorial team also tests credit providers such as ING-DiBa, Targobank or HypoVereinsbank at regular intervals.

Another very good way to get an overview of the various offers and conditions is to do research on the Internet. Platforms specializing in the comparison of financial services offer a variety of test reports, consumer ratings and a lot of background knowledge not only on lending companies, but also on a wide variety of financial topics. However, it always applies on the platforms on the Internet that it is important who provides the information and how trustworthy the operators of the respective website are.

With financial advisors in general and not only on the Internet, attention should be paid to the independence of these advisors from the advertising financial companies and their products and offers. Only in this way can the consumer be sure that these consultants are really presenting the cheapest offers.